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Accuracy disclaimer

All information curated and presented by Blockanics is offered on an “as is” basis. Blockanics makes no claims as to the validity and accuracy of the information provided and encourages readers to verify and research all information on their own. Distributed content is intended for informational purposes and was created using sources believed to be reliable at the time of writing. The publishing of information from these sources in no way represents, nor could it possibly represent, a guarantee of the accuracy of said information or Blockanic’s ability to update previous information on an ongoing basis. Blockanics is not liable for any loss or damage incurred, including without limitation, that may arise either directly or indirectly from the reliance on information presented.

Any and all forward-looking statements made by Blockanics, its contributors, or members of the community are not, under any circumstances, guaranteed outcomes. Cryptocurrency markets act and react quickly to new information and carry with them unpredictability. Factors that may quickly alter the direction of the market(s) of a specific cryptocurrency or cryptocurrencies may include, but are not limited to: security breaches of exchanges resulting in theft or loss to the exchanges users, market volatility, (any) government regulations and restrictions from any authority (or authorities), positive or negative news, “fake news” (rumors), aggressive competition in the markets, market manipulation or news of market manipulation, general economic environment and/or business conditions on both the macro and micro scale, as well as any and all unforseen influences likely to affect market forces at a later date. Actual results and market performance may differ from forward-looking statements due to any of the aforementioned factors or those unmentioned that remain unpredictable or unforseen.

All information from Blockanics in intended as general market commentary and observation and is not authorized to be taken as financial or investment advice, nor does the discussion of specific cryptocurrencies constitute trade recommendations or endorsements by Blockanics. Past performance is not an indicator or guarantee of future results.

Trading and investing in cryptocurrency

As with all investments, investing in cryptocurrencies (also known as “crypto assets,” “virtual currencies,” “digital currencies,” “crypto,” etc.) is inherently risky. However, given the volatility and speculative nature of the cryptocurrency markets, cryptocurrency investments pose a set of unique risks not typically associated with more traditional investment opportunities. Blockanics, and all of its distributed content, is intended to provide educational, informational, and entertainment content, but does not provide counsel on concerns of legal, tax, investment, or regulatory advice or guidance; moreover, no information from Blockanics should be construed as such advice or guidance. Blockanics is not a registered financial adviser, analyst, broker, attorney, or anything of the sort and accepts no responsibility for actions taken on behalf of information found here. You (the reader) should not take any information, data, or opinions expressed from Blockanics as a call to action for any investment, tax, regulatory, mining, or related strategy. Any investment or purchase of cryptocurrencies carries with it a chance of losing much, and potentially all, of the original investment over any period of time. Do not trade with money you cannot afford to lose.

Investing and trading cryptocurrencies involves substantial risk of loss and may not be suitable for all investors; do not invest money you cannot afford to lose. Trading with additional leverage, margin, or “shorting” assets increases exposure to risk further and investors can potentially lose more than the principal investment. Investors should carefully evaluate their experience level, skills, knowledge, risk tolerance, and consult with a financial professional before investment decisions are made. Trading advanced asset classes (including, but not limited to: cryptocurrencies, financial derivatives, etc.) is not recommended for anyone who is not a trained investor.

Cryptocurrency Taxes

In addition to the risk associated with cryptocurrency investments, it is imperative that cryptocurrency investors understand the potential tax obligations that come with such investments and business practices. Though Blockchanics offers insight from leading industry professionals, information and opinions presented by the outlet should not be taken as legal advice. With regulations and tax policies constantly shifting in the cryptocurrency markets, especially dependent on the location of the investor, there is no way for Blockanics to offer specific, individual advice or guidance for investors, and the outlet makes no attempts at doing such. Cryptocurrency investors should always consult a qualified tax professional before making any decisions related to their personal or business tax obligations.