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Blockanics is a peer to peer magazine that serves as a platform for cryptocurrency thought leaders to exchange experiences about the unique problems and solutions that they’ve encountered in the blockchain startup ecosystem.

Up to now, cryptocurrency entrepreneurs have relied on scattered resources to gain information. But with the increasing popularity of Bitcoin and competitor altcoins, it has become increasingly difficult to weed out the relevant information from the disparate outlets.

We get it. After countless questions ourselves as cryptocurrency enthusiasts and public relations professionals in the crypto space, we saw a gap that needed to be filled. So we got our shovels out — well maybe our computers — and filled the holes.

This is your premium resource to share your latest insights or to gain information on the recent developments in the cryptocurrency startup world. You are invited to join the insider conversation. This is your hub for you to discuss, debate, and learn about the nuances of cryptocurrency entrepreneurship.

About the Magazine

Blockanics contributors cover everything related to creating a crypto business from the nitty-gritty details of code to how to market and finance this unique sector of fintech. In addition, our network of legal professionals, business executives, and academics offer up to date information about restrictions, regulations, and other global adoption issues surrounding the new technology.

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Claire Polansky, Managing Editor
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Guest Contributors, C-Level influencers in the crypto space


Vibor Juhas

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