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Cryptocurrency Academy – The Bridge Between Worlds

October 27, 2018
Guy Aviv


Cryptocurrency Academy – The Bridge Between Worlds

When Charles Darwin first proposed “survival of the fittest” as a theory of evolution, he probably wasn’t considering it in terms of technological advancements. However, the idea that organizations, and the professionals they employ, need to adapt to survive developments in technology certainly has relevance in 2018. We only need to look back at the last big tech revolution to see why this is the case.

The global adoption of the internet sorted out those companies that could successfully adapt their strategies and practices to an increasingly digitized world, from those that couldn’t.

Blockbuster Video is a prime example of a company that failed to keep pace with changes in consumer demands. As people moved from renting VHS and DVDs to video downloads and streaming, the company became increasingly irrelevant. By 2010, Blockbuster was forced to file for bankruptcy.

Meanwhile, Netflix started life as a DVD mail-order rival to Blockbuster and today, the company dominates the global market for video streaming.

Now we are currently in the midst of another technological revolution — one that many are saying could be an even bigger disruptor than the internet.

Since the price of Bitcoin took off in late 2017, cryptocurrency and blockchain are now hot topics.

As awareness and adoption have started to increase, companies and institutions are now placing digital currencies and the underlying technology under heavier scrutiny.

Failing to keep up with developments could mean meeting the same fate as Blockbuster Video.

Here’s our two cents on how to keep up.

Where Can Serious Crypto Enthusiasts Learn?

The topics of blockchain and cryptocurrencies are still nascent, and therefore it can be extremely difficult to find good quality, trustworthy information. Many of the websites covering the technology are run by enthusiastic early Bitcoin adopters, meaning that information can often seem overwhelming to a newcomer.

Some sites are overly technical, others contain much financial speculation over the value of particular coins, and many are feverishly looking for problems that blockchain technology can solve.

For the average professional, executive or government official who just wants to understand the implications of this new technology for their own sector, how can they cut through all this chaos to find the information of real value to them?

From discussions with leading figures at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC) and student unions, we found we had a shared enthusiasm for the technology and its potential applications across society. As we had already established a good working relationship with colleagues at the IDC, we decided to work with them. Together, we have created a meaningful curriculum so that students and alumni can learn about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, and understand its relevance within their own sector.

Building Bridges with Cryptocurrency Academy

We founded Cryptocurrency Academy in 2017 with the aim of building bridges.

We saw the need for a connection between the emerging potential of blockchain technology and government agencies, institutions and companies who have the power and influence to shape our lives.

At Cryptocurrency Academy, we create courses, workshops, market research and execution services. Each of our courses follows a simple formula. We teach practical knowledge at the level everyone needs to know to understand the basics of the technology. We drill further down into various levels of token economics, legal frameworks, and ICO processes, depending on the audience.

However, our ultimate aim is for our students to understand the possibilities of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

We achieve this by sharing our own enthusiasm and beliefs around the potential of blockchain to help to reshape the future of economies and governance. In this way, our students gain more than just a dry understanding of the technology – their eyes are open to the future possibilities of its application in their own area of expertise.

Learning Programs at IDC

crypto academy Israel

Blockchain Basics, Blockchain for Lawyers, and Blockchain for Non-profits, Financial Institutions, and Government Agencies are just a few examples of learning programs up our sleeve. And the list will keep growing.

Blockchain Basics at IDC

The starting point for this course is for students to understand the history of financial systems and the internet. Most students of this course are alumni of the IDC business, accounting, and legal schools. Their education there is predominantly around how current systems work, therefore by focusing on history, it creates a sense of how the status quo can quickly change. This sets the stage for considering the disruptive powers of blockchain. From there, the course provides students with a fundamental understanding of how blockchain technology works.

Blockchain for Lawyers

We developed this course in collaboration with the Israel Bar Association, in recognition of the idea that 2018 is the year of blockchain regulation. It provides lawyers with an understanding of blockchain that enables them to offer counsel on complying with known legal requirements around cryptocurrencies. This includes legislation such as anti-money laundering and securities. However, it could also assist lawyers in advising on issues such as wills and family disputes over cryptocurrencies.

Non-Profit, Financial Institutions and Government Agencies

For these kinds of organizations, Cryptocurrency Academy provides workshops or research on demand. This may take the form of a customized workshop suitable for the audience, or market research and recommendations by order.

Often during these workshops, ideas develop, and the organization decides they want to take a particular concept forward. We support with the cultivation of these ideas and concepts, in some cases all the way through to the execution of a full-blown project. Currently, we are working on a couple of projects like this, which we look forward to publishing in due course.

Our Pipeline and Future Developments

We sometimes find that the institutions we work with come up with ideas for collaboration. Surprisingly, we observe that the cryptocurrency community is often less interested in such collaborations.

To give one example, recently one of the largest and wealthiest municipalities in Israel approached us about a collaboration. Their proposal was about creating a blockchain accelerator. They would offer the urban infrastructure as a playground, while blockchain entrepreneurs could use it to develop ideas for how distributed ledger technology could work in practice.

Final Thoughts

The advent of Bitcoin and blockchain heralded a whole new paradigm for many social and economic mechanisms we considered to be part of the fabric of society. Companies, governments, and other institutions need to adapt to technological advancements to survive. Therefore understanding both the technology and its potential future impact is not a luxury – it’s imperative to maintaining a competitive edge.

If you have any ideas or wish to work with Cryptocurrency Academy on any of your own projects or developments, please get in contact with us.

Guy Aviv

Guy Aviv is the CEO of Cryptocurrency Academy by OP_Chain. Cryptocurrency Academy specializes in professional training and project execution in the Blockchain and Crypto space. Building and executing tailored training programs for engineers, lawyers and executives to maximize potential in the Blockchain sphere. And help manage and execute development projects.